Volunteer With Metro - Participate in a Committee

Get the full benefit of Metro by participating on one of our volunteer committees, an exclusive benefit of membership. You'll develop lasting relationships with key business leaders, stay abreast of the latest industry developments, and help shape the agenda of the leading pool industry organization.

Committees consist of one chairperson whom will make final decisions on committee related matters.  That person is to report to the board and give direction to the chapter administrator and the board on committee matters.

Members interested in joining a committee should email aguzman@nespapool.org for more information.

 Committee Descriptions

Membership and Retention Committee

Co-Chair: Richard Gaynor, Middleton Insurance
Co-Chiar: Victor Lehmann, CBP

  • Reviews, interviews and recommends new incoming applications
  • Outreach to approved members, welcome message, upcoming event invites
  • Provides input and consultation for membership drives and chapter value propositions and marketing
  • Acts as chapter ambassadors to new members and prospects attending meetings, greetings and introductions
  • Explores prospect opportunities and participates in outreach
  • Consultation and participation in member category audits
  • Mentoring program, if active

Programming/Education Committee

Chair: Alex Titovich
Committee Members: Sam Folaron, Puravida Outdoor Living Isaac Keselman, Aqua Doctor

  • General Membership Social/Special Events
  • Provide oversight, recommendations and content review for new and existing meeting program initiatives
  • Seek out relevant, applicable and new program ideas and industry topics of interest from members, sponsors, surveys and other research.
  • Leverage industry contacts to recruit interesting and knowledgeable speakers
  • Provide consultation on venues and site locations to increase member attendance
  •  Input and coordination efforts for existing events, ie: holiday party, golf outing, design awards
  •  Provide oversight, recommendations and content review for new and existing technical educational initiatives
  •  Seek out relevant, applicable and new education ideas and industry topics of interest.
  •  Leverage industry contacts to recruit interesting and knowledgeable speakers

Programming Sub Committees
Golf - Chair: 
David Concodora, Rue Insurance Members:  Chris Rauschenbach, John Migliaccio Bob Blanda, Ron Greenberg

Ethics Committee

Chair: Joe Spero, Pool Docs

The Associations Ethic's Code is enforced by the Chapter’s Ethics Committee. The committee can recommend to the Chapter Board that sanctions be applied to Members that have been found in violation of the Code. These sanctions could be requiring preparations be made or revocation of membership, and or the requiring a course on ethics be completed. In many cases simple requests to correct the problem, terminate the behavior or practice is sufficient. 

Good and Welfare

Chair: John Migliaccio

Provide feedback on good and welfare activities effecting the chapter

Manufacturer & Distributor Committees

Matt Lennon, Zodiac
Mike McVann, Pentair
Greg Ayelsworth, Hayward


Participate, communicate and act to shape Metro plans and initiatives affecting the Manufacturer and Distributor interests on critical topics and chapter direction. Act as liaison between Metro Board and the Manufacturing and Distributor Industries in communicating proposed initiatives and suggestions for improvements.  Aid in speaker recruitment and event marketing to increase participation numbers at programs.

GRAC Committee

Chair: Victor Lehmann, CBP
Members: John Migliaccio 

Report out on any Government related activity effecting the chapter members and their business.